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Our Four Jiggers Gin selection is still limited, but we are planning on adding more products to our Gin Family. Nevertheless, the products we already have, has been worked on down to the smallest details, and has turned out great!


The journey into the gin universe has been an adventure. Creating our own gin has been a dream for a long time, and we made it come true!
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Top quality is one of our top priorities at Four Jiggers Gin. Moreover, it’s a core value for us, to always choose a sustainable path, wherever it is possible. Therefore, we are looking at the value chain as a whole – from our ingredients, suppliers, packaging, and distribution.

Four Jiggers Gin is an organic Danish gin, that embraces the Scandinavian high-quality standard, with unique flavour notes. It is a vision for us to be as local as possible, and to use Danish ingredients. Hence, the local botanicals used in our gin, is our apples and carrots.

We use hand plucked apples from Lærkehøj orchard and carrots collected from the Danish soil near the amazing Lammefjorden. Then, after distilling, we make sure to collect the remains left behind from our ingredients, and send them back to feed animals at local farms.