The team behind Four Jiggers Gin, all share a common passion for handcrafted gin. Since the beginning of our gin adventure, it has always been a vision for us to create our own unique handcrafted gin. More specific a gin, that is enjoyable for any occasion and for shareing with loved ones. This is what has been the drive and passion in creating our gin!

We proudly present you, pure quality gin, formed out of respect of the nature and the ingredients used. Our master distiller has watched the gin carefully, and of course, added a lot of attention and love during the process.

But the gin is only half the story! The adventures leading up to our final product has also played a big part in creating our gin. So, follow along in our journey of creating the unique Four Jiggers Gin.


Our distillery is the heart of the manufacturing process. It was always important for us to have the Four Jiggers Gin produced in Denmark – more precisely at our office and warehouse in Slagelse.

Fortunately, this is now a possibility with our newly purchased distillery, we proudly have named Jane.

Jane is purchased from Arnold Holstein, located in the South of Germany. The distillery has a 370-liter pot capacity combined with a four-cup distillery pillar.

The beautiful distillery has her name from Simon’s mom. Sadly, she left our world way too early. 


Four Jiggers Gin is a Danish handcrafted gin, distilled on 96% organic agricultural alcohol with a total of 12 botanicals:

  • Juniper berries, carrot, coriander seeds, orange, lemon, fennel seeds, liquorice root, pepper, angelica root, fennel, ginger, and apple.

Special for our gin, is that all our botanicals are carefully selected by their taste and quality. We have made sure to harvest our ingredients from the best landscape in Denmark, to ensure top quality gin.

Hand plucked apples from Lærkehøj orchard, surrounded by the amazing nature near Torbenfeldt estate. Further up north, our carrots grow in the Danish soil at Rønnely near the amazing Lammefjorden.

Four Jiggers Gin is a warm and rich gin. It has amazingly deep and seasoned notes from the juniper berries, black pepper, and ginger. The citrus fruits adds a fresh kick to the taste and it leaves you with a soft finish from the sweet apples and carrots.


In the process of making Four Jiggers Gin, we decided to add another gin to our family and made our own version of a Navy Strength, called Big Brother. Big brother is a strong and powerful gin with an alcohol percent reaching 64,4 %. This gin is defiantly an unique experience, that you definitely need to try!


The Four Jiggers name originates from our vision of how a “perfect served G&T” is made. In the making of a gin and tonic, the bartender uses a measurement tool called a jigger, and always 40 ml of gin. Therefore the name Four Jiggers Gin!  

Making the best Four Jiggers gin and tonic, you just need to fill up the glass with ice, measure 40 ml Four Jiggers Gin, and carefully pour 100 ml of premium tonic into the glass.

Finally, top your gin, with one or more of the botanicals found in the gin. Stir for half a round, and you are now ready to enjoy you Four Jiggers G&T!