Four Jiggers Big Brother Gin Giftbox

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Four Jiggers Big Brother Gin Giftbox is an exciting combination of our own Navy Strength Gin, and the classic Spanish Indi Tonic. When mixed together, they turn into a strong Gin & Tonic, but with a unique soft sweetness, unusual for a Navy strength Gin & Tonic.

Indi Tonic is from Spain. It actually comes from one of the oldest gin distilleries in Spain. Here, their main visions are traditions and sustainability. This tonic is all organic, and is made in a traditional way. The flavours are 100% natural, extracted from the ingredients by an old bain-marie method.

The gin in our Four Jiggers Big Brother Gin Giftbox contains the same 12 botanicals as or original gin, but they get a much more intense flavour, due to the high amount of alcohol. Therefor this gin has rich and tasty notes, and a deeper and more complex taste. Spicy notes of ginger and peper meets fresh citrus nuances. A subtle and earthy sweetness from Danish carrots and apples stands in contrary to the hint of liquorice and fennel.

Sometimes our gin turns out a bit cloudy at certain temperatures. Therefore, the gin can seem unclear and white. It is not a sign of a bad gin, on the contrary. It happens because of the natural oils in the gin, which is what brings the wonderful flavours to the gin. So due to the fact that our gin contains natural flavours and scents from organic botanicals, it may become a bit cloudy from time to time.

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