Four Jiggers Big Brother Gin 64.4% 500ml

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Four Jiggers Gin Big Brother Gin is our take on a Navy Strength Gin. Like any other Navy Strength, the alcohol percentage is high. Our gin offers a 64.4% alkohol level, which is more than most Navy Strength Gins. However, the botanicals makes it really tasty. It is strong, but still soft and delicious.

The same 12 botanicals as in or original gin gets a much more intens flavour, due to the high amount of alcohol. Therefor this gin has rich and tasty notes, and a deeper and more complex taste. Spicy notes of ginger and peper meets fresh citrus nuances. An earthy sweetness from the apples and carrots joins in for a softer finish.

Allthough the Four Jiggers big Brother Gin has the exact same botanicals as the original Four Jiggers, the flavours are far apart. This is exclusively due to the difference in the amount of alcohol. Do yourself a favour, and try both. The Big Brother works really well in a classic Gin & Tonic, but also just on the rocks.

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Sometimes our gin turns out a bit cloudy at certain temperatures. This means that the gin can seem unclear and white. It is not a sign of a bad gin, on the contrary. It happens because of the natural oils in the gin, which is what brings the wonderful flavours to the gin. So due to the fact that our gin is filled with natural flavours and scents from organic botanicals, it may become a bit cloudy from time to time.


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