Four Jiggers Coffee Table Book

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 The Four Jiggers Book is about gin, and it is written in Danish. The creators are the team behind Four Jiggers Gin, or 1975 by Simon, as our name was at the time. The man behind it all is Simon Frimann, and the book is about his passion for gin. The book tells his story, about how he started importing gin, and grew his company.

The book is a collaboration between Simon Frimann and Christian Wendelboe. Chistian is a young man with a big interest for gin. He became a bartender at the European Bartender School in London. Then, he released his first gin book in 2017, “Danske Gin og Ginmagere” (Danish Gin and Gin Makers).

Open the book, and join an amazing journey through the gin universe. Besides the story of our company, the book also offers a lot of different stories about distilleries from all over the world. Furthermore, the book is a joy to look through, at it contains a lot of beautiful photos.

The shared vision for 1975 by Simon (now TS Warehouse) and Four Jiggers Gin, is to give great gin experiences. We aim to do so with our gin, and especially with our Gin & Tonic giftbags, but also with this book. You can read it from the beginning to the end, if you want. But it is also enjoyable to just read a bit here and there, and look at the photos.

To sum up, the Four Jiggers book contains stories, production facts, descriptions of different gins and their botanicals, facts about the distilleries, tonic recommendations and recipes. It is by other words, the perfect coffee table book for everyone interested in gin.


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