Four Jiggers Gin Giftbox

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Four Jiggers Gin Giftbox is the perfect combination of our high quality gin, and the delicate French Archibald Tonic. The two of them creates a well balanced gin and tonic, where the unique notes from the gin shines through.

Archibald Tonic is a French tonic, made with sustainability as one of the main visions. They have used only ingredients locally sourced in France, which means that this tonic contains no quinine. Instead, they have used fresh herbs and juniper, to give the tonic its characteristic bitterness. Moreover, the label is of bio-degradable paper, made from sugar.

12 carefully selected botanicals, based on taste and quality, is what makes the gin in this Four Jiggers Gin Giftbox. Combined, they creates a taste explotion on the tounge. First, Juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root is the perfect base. Warm and spicy notes from pepper and ginger mixes with the fresh scent of lemon and orange. A subtle and earthy sweetness from Danish carrots and apples stands in contrary to the hint of liquorice and fennel.

Sometimes our gin turns out a bit cloudy at certain temperatures. Therefore, the gin can seem unclear and white. It is not a sign of a bad gin, on the contrary. It happens because of the natural oils in the gin, which is what brings the wonderful flavours to the gin. So due to the fact that our gin is filled with natural flavours and scents from organic botanicals, it may become a bit cloudy from time to time.

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