Four Jiggers Gin Ligra Handbag With Sådan! Classic Tonic

400,00 kr.


This handbag contains:

1 bottle of Four Jiggers Gin Ligra

4 bottles of Sådan! Classic Tonic

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Gin Ligra is a Danish, organic gin from Four Jiggers Distillery in Slagelse. Developed and produced with a focus on high quality, good taste, and sustainability. The flavor profile is complex, with crisp juniper berries and bitter-sweet notes of grapefruit and lime.

Sådan! Classic Tonic is a simple and honest tonic water, made in Slagelse, without unnecessary additives. The taste is classic, with a refreshing twist from the juice of organic lemons. The lemon juice adds a natural and authentic taste to the tonic and creates a slightly cloudy expression.

The characteristic bitterness found in all Sådan! Tonics comes from natural quassia extract, which provides a mild, yet distinct bitterness, accompanied by faint notes of warm spices and a slight sweetness from yellow gentian extract.

Experience the perfect classic Gin & Tonic with the Four Jiggers Gin Ligra Handbag and Sådan! Classic Tonic.


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