Four Jiggers GinLigra

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Gin Ligra is an exciting Danish and organic gin from Four Jiggers.

It has notes of, among other things crisp juniper, and bittersweet grapefruit and lime.

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Four Jiggers Gin Ligra is a Danish and organic gin from Four Jiggers Distillery. It is developed and manufactured in Slagelse, with a focus on high quality, good taste and sustainability.

The taste profile is complex, with an exciting mix of many different flavor notes. The more prominent notes in Gin Ligra are crisp juniper and bitter-sweet notes of grapefruit and lime.

The name Four Jiggers comes from their philosophy of the perfect Gin & Tonic. They believe that 4 cl of gin and 100 ml of tonic is the perfect mixing ratio. This is also the mixing ratio we use in our gin bars. To get perfectly measured G&Ts, a small measuring cup called a jigger is used. Hence the name Four Jiggers Gin, and the logo also depicts a jigger.

The gin is Danish, organic and handmade, on an organic 96% agricultural alcohol. It is distilled at the distillery, which comes from Arnold Holstein in Germany. It has a 370 liter kettle, combined with a 4 cup distillation column.


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