Four Jiggers Ginlime Miniature

50,00 kr.

Ginlime has a sweet and fresh lime flavor, perfect for summer drinks and cocktails, or enjoying neat.

Here it is in a miniature version of 40 ml.

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Ginlime is a Danish, organic gin from the Four Jiggers Distillery. Developed and crafted in Slagelse, it prioritizes high quality, great taste, and sustainability.

Based on Four Jiggers Gin, which boasts a complex flavor profile with an exciting blend of many different flavor notes, Ginlime derives its name from the infusion of organic lime peels, which also give the gin its beautiful green color. Additionally, sugar syrup is added to provide a delicious sweetness and creamy texture. The sweet and fresh flavor makes this gin particularly suitable for enjoying neat over ice or using in a variety of cocktails and drinks.


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