Four Jiggers Gin’ocello Lemon Liqueur

300,00 kr.

Four Jiggers Gin’ocello is made at our distillery in Slagelse. This lemon liqueur has a vibrant yellow color and intense lemon flavor. Enjoy it chilled over ice or in a classic G&T for a refreshing twist.

Made with Four Jiggers Gin and organic lemon peels, boasting a delightful intense lemon flavor., it’s the perfect addition to your cocktail.

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Four Jiggers Gin’ocello is the series’ summery lemon liqueur, distilled at the distillery in Slagelse. It’s made with organic lemon peels soaked in Four Jiggers Gin, giving it a beautiful yellow color and an intense, rounded lemon flavor.

This liqueur can be enjoyed chilled with ice or in a delicious G&T, perhaps with a strawberry tonic or a mild classic tonic.

The name Four Jiggers stems from the philosophy of the perfect Gin & Tonic, believing that 4 cl of gin and 100 ml of tonic is the ideal ratio, also used in their gin bars. To achieve perfectly measured G&Ts, a small measuring cup called a jigger is used, hence the name Four Jiggers Gin, with the logo representing a jigger.

The gin is Danish, organic, and handcrafted, made with organic 96% agricultural alcohol. Per, the Master Distiller, produces all the gin, and his signature can be found on each bottle. He distills at the distillery, which originates from Arnold Holstein in Germany and features a 370-liter kettle combined with a 4-cup distillation column.

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