Four Jiggers Herbal Gin

400,00 kr.

Four Jiggers Herbal Gin is a Danish, organic gin from the distillery in Slagelse.

It boasts delightful flavor notes from various herbs, with rosemary particularly shining through

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Herbal Gin is a Danish, organic gin produced at the distillery in Slagelse. Inspired by the Mediterranean and the Danish kitchen garden, it boasts herbal flavors derived primarily from rosemary as its heaviest botanical. It also features hints of fennel, pepper, caraway, and licorice root, along with a subtle freshness from orange.

If you enjoy Gin Mare, you must try this gin as it belongs to the same category. Paired with a delicious semi-sweet tonic and a sprig of fresh rosemary, you have an excellent Gin & Tonic with distinct rosemary notes reminiscent of summer and the Mediterranean region. For a sweeter and fresher twist, you can replace rosemary with orange peel as garnish, enhancing the gin’s sweeter orange and citrus notes.

Everything produced at the Four Jiggers distillery in Slagelse is handcrafted, and Herbal Gin is no exception. Its botanicals are carefully selected specifically for this gin to create the best flavor profile. Besides being fantastic flavor enhancers, all ingredients are chosen for their quality. In other words, it’s a gin made from high-quality ingredients.


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