Four Jiggers Herbal Liqueur

350,00 kr.

Four Jiggers Herbal Liqueur is an exquisite Danish organic liqueur crafted at our distillery in Slagelse.

Infused with thyme, rosemary, and delicately sweetened, it offers a mild, rounded taste with herbal notes and a delightful sweetness. Handcrafted with quality botanicals for an exceptional drinking experience.

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Four Jiggers Urtelikør is a Danish and organic liqueur, carefully crafted at our distillery located in Slagelse. Inspired by our acclaimed Four Jiggers Herbal Gin, this liqueur undergoes a careful infusion process where thyme takes center and gives each drop its aromatic essence.

Sweetened with a delicate touch of sugar syrup, it blends harmonious flavors of rosemary, fennel, pepper, angelica and licorice root, with a subtle hint of freshness from orange peel.

What sets this liqueur apart is its lower alcohol content of 24.4%, allowing the herbal notes of fresh thyme and rosemary to shine through, while offering a mild and rounded taste. Produced with care and precision, each ingredient is hand-picked for its exceptional quality, ensuring a liqueur of unparalleled taste.

Enjoy the exquisite flavor profile of Four Jiggers Herbal Liqueur. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice or as a delightful addition to your favorite cocktails, this liqueur is sure to elevate your drinking experience to new heights.

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