Four Jiggers Miniature Gin 50ml

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Four Jiggers Miniature Gin is a smaller version of our original Dry Gin. Perfect if you’re still not convinced that our gin is a must have. This small sample lets you test the gin, before comitting to a whole bottle. And as a bonus, it comes in a really cute little bottle.

Our gin is distilled with pure love and a deep passion for gin, on our beautiful distillery in Slagelse, Denmark. We carefully select all of the ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality.

The combination of the 12 botanicals creates a taste explotion on the tounge. A solid base of juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root sets the gin up for a good start. Warm and spicy notes from pepper and ginger meets the fresh scent of lemon and orange. A subtle and earthy sweetness from Danish carrots and apples brings an incredible softness to this gin. Light notes of liquorice and fennel adds the last dash of uniqueness to this gin.

Sometimes our gin turns out a bit cloudy at certain temperatures. This means that the gin can seem unclear and white. It is not a sign of a bad gin, on the contrary. It happens because of the natural oils in the gin, which is what brings the wonderful flavours to the gin. So due to the amount of natural flavours and scents from organic botanicals, it may become a bit cloudy from time to time.

Try the Four Jiggers Miniature Gin, or shop the regular sized 70 cl bottle HERE!


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