Four Jiggers Gin




We are 3 brands. Four Jiggers Gin, Sådan Tonic and Two Socks G&T combined, offers a complete solution of gin, tonics and pre-mixed Gin & Tonics products.

Our products are organic and innovative developed and with a high–quality Scandinavian standard. It is a unique and exceptional concept of organic handcrafted gin, tonic and G&T.  

We offer a wide range of products and flavors, that are created through innovative thinking in our innovation labs. The products are created to fit our bars and the broad variety of our customers’ tasting preferences. Our innovation lab spends many hours creating the perfect gin, tonic and G&T, that are true to the gins DNA. The names for the recipes we create, are unique and makes the journey of choosing a G&T fun!


Our Four Jiggers distillery

Four Jiggers Gin is a concept of Danish handcrafted gins – embracing the Scandinavian high quality standard. The gins are distilled on a 96% organic agricultural alcohol and only rich and flavorful botanicals are used to create the unique gins.  

Per, our Master Distiller, runs our distillery, where he develops new and unique flavors. He always makes sure, that the botanicals are carefully selected by their quality and taste. A mission is to always use local botanicals as much as we can.

Common for all our gins, is that they are all high quality products, with unique scents and flavours.

Four Jiggers Gin is a Scandinavian quality product, made with love and passion for great handcrafted gin.


SÅDAN! Tonic offers a unique selection of Danish and organic high quality tonics. Our goal is to create an honest organic product, with no unnecessary artificial ingredients.

Mikkel, our mixing and bottle master, runs our tonic production, where he develops new and interesting flavors. The tonics includes pure fruit juice, which leaves the tonic with a natural sweet taste. The bitterness that is characteristic for all our tonics comes from natural quassia extract.

Sustainability is important for us, and we are looking to be sustainable wherever we can. It is an ongoing process, and we are currently in a Green Circular Readjustment (GCO) program funded by the EU, which helps us to improve and reach our vision for a sustainable future.

Our tonics pairs greatly with many gins, and it is up to you, to choose your preferred gin for the occasion.
It is an exceptional experience of, what a true quality gin and tonic can taste like.


Two Socks G&T (Gin & Tonic), is a quality product consisting of what we think is the most important for G&Ts – The right composition. The composition is a key feature alongside the quality of the gin and tonic used.

We are creating organic pre-mixed G&T products with a passion of emphasizing the gin’s scents and flavours. This gives a true experience of what a high quality Gin & Tonic should taste like.

It is a core value for our innovation labs, to always use a combination of 4 cl gin and 100 ml tonic. This ensures that our G&T products always have a rich and flavourful taste, with all the complexities from the gin expressed – and a higher alcohol percent of 7.3% and 12%.

Our pre-mixed Gin & Tonics is an experience, that will bring you into our universe of quality gin and tonics. Two Socks G&T is made with a passion of giving you an opportunity to experience what a quality pre-mixed G&T, should taste like.

All you have to do, is get a glass with ice cubes, and pour your favourite Two Socks G&T! It is now all ready to enjoy.

This is how we make our Gin & Tonics at the Two Socks Gin Bars, and our goal with the Two Socks G&T products, is to give the same experience To Go.

We want the pre-mixed G&Ts to taste like a Gin & Tonic freshly made at Two Socks Gin Bar, which we ensure by using the same high quality ingredients.